Chord Specialty Dental Partners is a Dental Support Organization dedicated to expanding access to quality dental care for children and adults, supporting over 60 practices across six states. Our goal is to ensure our partners have the right resources and processes to better serve their patients. We’re committed to providing the highest level of business and operational support, allowing the dental care teams to focus on patient-centered care. 

From accounting and financial management to human resources and procurement, our professionals support our partner practices and their patients. We’re proud to contribute to our partners’ successes and make a difference in the lives of the patients and communities we serve.

who we are

At Chord Specialty Dental Partners, our goal is to achieve a standard of excellence that sets us apart from other Dental Support Organizations. Our Home Support Office and in-office clinical teams uphold our values in all that we do.

Our mission, vision, and values are our guiding principles, shaping how our organization does business, the behaviors we value, and how we interact with our patients, partners, employees, and communities.

To positively impact communities through accessible oral health care that enriches lives.

To be the partner of choice for Providers, Team Members, and Families delivering accessible specialty oral health care.

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