Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Make an impact on
children’s smiles.

We provide advanced care for smiles when
children need it most.

Chord Specialty Dental Partners is proud to be a multi-specialty organization built to accommodate all of our patient’s oral health needs. Our ambulatory surgery centers provide a comfortable, calm environment outside of a traditional dental office.

Our providers recommend this course of treatment when they believe the dental treatment required would be better performed outside of the dental office under general anesthesia. Patients may be referred to our centers due to the amount of treatment needed, the ability of the patient to sit still for treatment to be performed, the age of the child, or their unique health care needs.

Children who are referred to our surgery centers typically require procedures such as fillings, crowns, and extractions of baby teeth. These procedures allow dentists to properly restore baby teeth or to eliminate decayed teeth to restore the child’s mouth to a healthy state. Our teams are committed to providing high-quality restorative care for every patient that sees us.

“There is a great need for facilities like
ours to improve access to care for children.
Those needs vary from the number of cavities, to medical
conditions, to children with anxiety, or those with special needs.
We’re proud to provide patients access to our surgery
centers to provide this crucial service.”

– Dr. Anthony Monteiro, Children’s Dental Surgery

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