Pediatric Dentistry

Changing children’s lives,
one smile at a time.

Work in a field where you can have a
direct impact on children’s lives.

At Chord Specialty Dental Partners, we have a special place in our hearts for all the children we see. There’s nothing more rewarding than teaching children healthy habits that they’ll retain for a lifetime. We offer pediatric dental care for tots to teens and provide every patient with a personalized treatment plan and the highest quality care. With pediatric dentistry being the majority of our practices, we take pride in providing treatment for over 200,000 children across the country.

“I’m a third generation dentist in my family and have known
I wanted to follow suit since I was 5 years old. Kids just make
dentistry even more fun! Every day in pediatrics is an
adventure and it’s so rewarding to shape the dental
experiences of my little friends.”

-Dr. Dana Chianese, Pediatric Dental Associates

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